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Commercial Inspections

We don’t do the “bare minimum”. Using a multi-inspector approach, we quickly and comprehensively assess commercial properties of all types, shapes, sizes, and locations. With our proprietary software and work processes, our clients and their agents benefit from detailed reports issued quickly, along with supporting documentation and a Statement of Probable Cost (SOPC).

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Commercial Property Inspection

When you really want to know the condition of the property, Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro. Our team of inspectors utilize proprietary software and work processes that are designed to maximize the time spent actually inspecting. We have eliminated non-inspection tasks, like office stuff and report generation, so our inspector’s field time is focused on the technical inspection and explaining their findings to you, the client (and agent), resulting in higher value inspections. This information capture rolls up into our Statement of Probable Cost (SOPC).


Thank you so much for helping us with the inspection for our buildings. I appreciate your promptness and professionalism. I enjoyed going through the units with you to understand the situation for each building in a reasonable way. I look forward to meeting you again in the future and will recommend you to other Canadians needing inspections. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

~ Dave Wiens

Commercial Termite Inspections

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro provides termite inspections either using in house capabilities or reliable 3rd party inspectors. Since many commercial buildings are constructed of non-wood components, some mistakenly believe termites will not be present. Quite the contrary, we frequently see WDO in all types of buildings, although the damage may only be cosmetic (baseboards, drywall paper, etc.)


Thank you very much for your prompt and professional service. I was very impressed with both the level of your knowledge and the depth and quality of the report. I definitely know who I am going to call when I purchase my next property.

~ Gary Fillmore

Commercial Sewer Cam

We find sewer piping related problems in many different types and ages of buildings. Older properties may have older/failing sewer lines. Newer properties occasionally have installation issues, like bellies, construction debris, or even Test Balls. One never knows until you look!


I have read many inspection reports, and yours was fantastically detailed!

~ Yarrow Kubrin

Commercial Solar Lease Analysis

With the increase in solar installations in commercial properties in recent years, rapid analysis of solar systems and leases are critical to a full understanding of long-term costs (or savings). Commercial systems can be varied, some are 3 phase, some are large, some may have varying ages within the system. With limited information, we can provide a ballpark assessment of most solar systems within a day or two of a property inspection.


That was a very thorough inspection report, thank you for recommending him!

~ Tarek Salameh

Commercial Radon Testing

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has been testing for radon since 2007. While the EPA recommends radon testing on all homes, it is uncommon in commercial buildings. Although we have provided testing for office condos, and we also recommend radon testing on all buildings with underground (sub slab) ductwork and/or basements. Our data from hundreds of radon tests over the years indicates buildings with underground ductwork (or basements) are much more likely to have elevated radon levels than slab on grade buildings. We utilize Continuous Radon Monitors (annually calibrated) to provide test results on the same day, following completion of the 48-hour test protocol.


Inspect-It 1st talks the client through exactly what they will be doing during the inspection. Throughout each phase they give detailed explanations of not only what looked good and bad, but things to look out for in the future and expected lifetimes of the equipment. The final deliverable is a detailed inspection report that is e-mailed within 24 hours of the inspection.

Inspect-It 1st (Greater Phoenix Metro) is honest and straightforward. You would be hard pressed to bring up a question they can't answer. The price of the inspection is within normal ranges and worth every penny and we would highly recommend them.

~ Bobbie Lorraine Mastracci
CCIM Designated Broker, Phoenix West Commercial

Commercial Statement of Probable Cost

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has a long history of providing SOPC’s to its Multifamily and Commercial clients. In addition to our normal ballpark costing service, we try to identify items that may be part of a Commercial Owners Association (COA) responsibility, recommending further investigation of the real impact of various defects and/or components nearing end of life.


We hired Inspect-It 1st, Greater Phoenix Metro for multiple commercial properties under contract and have always been impressed with the quality and scope of the inspection reports. The reports are very detailed along with corresponding pictures for reference. He also provides a statement of probable cost (expense) which details the estimated cost of safety items, maintenance items and expected future CAPEX. Very useful information in negotiations and budgeting for capital outlays in the future.

~ Margie Rice
CEO, Long Farms Investment Group

Additional Commercial Services Offered

Since there are no commercial property inspection standards promulgated by the State of Arizona, we use the State Home Inspections Standards as a guide. We also provide services in the following areas:

Commercial Locations Serviced

We offer commercial services to various locations, depending on the size of the structure(s):