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Multi-Family Inspections

We don’t do the “bare minimum”. Whether it’s a single-family rental or multi-hundred-unit apartment complexes, our scalable inspection process provides value to clients and their agents, independent of size. The days of “pick any two: schedule, quality, cost” are over. Why compromise when you can have it all with Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro!

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Multi-Family Property Inspection

When you really want to know the condition of the property, Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro. Our team of inspectors utilize proprietary software and work processes that are designed to maximize the time spent actually inspecting. We have eliminated non-inspection tasks, like office stuff and report generation, so our inspector’s field time is focused on the technical inspection and explaining their findings to you, the client (and agent), resulting in higher value inspections. We attempt to enter every unit, providing either detailed inspection information or overview inspections per the scope. This information capture rolls up into our Statement of Probable Cost (SOPC).


Marty and his team at Inspect-It 1st are my go-to company for multifamily property inspection. From scheduling to final report, the process is professional and streamlined, and produces a comprehensive analysis of property condition. Marty and his team’s extensive experience ensure that you know what you’re getting into prior to acquisition.

In sum, having Marty and his Inspect-It 1st team as part of my apartment acquisition process has been invaluable and I appreciate their technical and interpersonal strengths. They work well with the brokers and property management, and it’s always been a smooth experience. I heartily recommend their services.

~ Ankist

Multi-Family Termite Inspections

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro provides termite inspections either using in house capabilities or reliable 3rd party inspectors. Since many multifamily complexes are constructed of non-wood components, some mistakenly believe termites will not be present. Quite the contrary, we frequently see WDO in all types of buildings, although the damage may only be cosmetic (baseboards, drywall paper, etc.)


The inspection process always needs to be through and timely. Inspect-It 1st is BOTH OF THESE! Not only this but any questions are answered immediately. As a Commercial Practitioner, it's important to have a relationship where I can call for a quick answer on a question.

In addition, it's important that the client know what they are buying (whether good or not so good). This way the buyer can make an educated decision about the investment.

I not only highly recommend Marty at Inspect-It 1st and his team, but I rely on them completely for high quality property inspection services.

~ Linda Gerchick
CCIM Designated Broker, Gerchick Real Estate

Multi-Family Sewer Cam

We find sewer piping related problems in many different types and ages of buildings. Older properties may have older/failing sewer lines and/or a lack of cleanouts. Easy access to the sewer lines allows for regular cleanings, which reduces costs and reputation risk caused by sewer backups. Newer or remodeled properties occasionally have installation issues, like bellies, construction debris, or even Test Balls. One never knows until you look! 


The quality of your assessments and the detail in your reports is second to none and you guys understand the need for a quick turn-around on the reports, managing to get them to me within a day of the inspection.

Your inspections uncovered some fairly serious issues, and we are so thankful that we were able to make an educated decision prior to making the purchases. What we thought was a dream investment opportunity with 1 of the homes turned out to be an absolute nightmare property with foundation and structural defects that were not visible to the untrained eye.

We will use your services on every home we are looking to purchase in Arizona and highly recommend you.

~ Ryan and Hana Caulfield

Multi-Family Solar Lease Analysis

With the increase in solar installations in multifamily properties in recent years, rapid analysis of solar systems and leases are critical to a full understanding of long-term costs (or savings). Multifamily solar systems can be varied, some are 3 phase, some are large, some may have varying ages within the system. If you are considering adding solar, understanding the current metering system and associated installed main panel capacity is critical. With limited information, we can provide a ballpark assessment of most solar systems within a day or two of a property inspection.


As a property owner, contractor and property manager, inspections during the escrow process are a crucial component to closing a deal. Detailed inspection reports help save us money, time and hedge us from buying properties with costly hidden issues. If you’re looking for knowledge, professionalism and quality, Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro should be your only option. We have done over 10 transactions involving Marty and his team and have always had an amazing experience. They are the most punctual, reliable, and honest third-party firm that we use for anything in our business.

~ Josh Meister
Principal, Fringe Capital Partners

Multi-Family Radon Testing

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has been testing for radon since 2007. We provide radon testing for multifamily complexes, and we also recommend radon testing on all buildings with underground (sub slab) ductwork and/or basements. Our data from radon tests over the years indicates buildings with underground ductwork (or basements) are much more likely to have elevated radon levels than slab on grade buildings. We utilize Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) (annually calibrated) for smaller complexes and cannister style tests for larger complexes. CRM’s provide test results on the same day, following completion of the 48-hour test protocol, while cannisters must be sent to labs, with results delayed for a week or more depending on the lab.


As a buyer of many multifamily properties, I can attest that my experiences with Inspect-It 1st rank them at the top of my list.

During a recent purchase the team went above and beyond to provide critical information needed on a property. They identified a potential structural issue with the foundation, but the building had no access to the crawl space. We asked them for guidance and further assistance, and they were able to get their sewer inspector to use their camera to take pictures of the foundation in question within 24 hours. The pictures and their recommendation they were able to provide allowed us to move forward on the purchase without losing any time at all on the closing process.

~ Eliot Dash

Multi-Family Statement of Probable Cost

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has a long history of providing SOPC’s to its Multifamily and Commercial clients. In addition to our normal ballpark costing service, we provide additional, long term capital cost projections regarding major equipment and component systems which is helpful to our clients using a “buy and hold” approach or current owners preparing long term budgets.


I have used Inspect-It 1st, twice for multi-family investment property purchases in Arizona. The inspectors were punctual, thorough, honest and pointed out future issues to monitor and plan for. Marty and Ed were very professional, detailed in their reports and also were very willing to answer questions from me on any topic including rough estimates of what things might cost to repair. I was extremely happy with their service and I will certainly refer them to any of my associates as well as use them again on my next property purchase.

~ G. Schwark

Additional Multi-Family Services Offered

State of Arizona Home Inspection Standards apply to Multifamily Inspections up to 4 units.  Above 4 units, there are no multifamily property inspection standards promulgated by the State of Arizona, so we use the State Home Inspections Standards as a guide. We also provide services in the following areas:

Multi-Family Locations Serviced

We offer multi-family services to various locations, depending on the size of the structure(s):