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From compact condos and typical homes through massive luxury estates, we provide a consistent level of service and performance on all our inspections. Select either RESIDENTIAL or LUXURY (for homes greater than 5,000 sf) below to learn more.

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We don’t do the “bare minimum”. Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro exceeds State Standards in a couple of key areas, including Irrigation systems (if any) and fire sprinkler systems (if any). Our service after the inspection is extensive, including making referrals, answering questions, all in a timely manner.


Marty, Wow! You go above and beyond! Thank you for meeting with Jim and taking what I’m certain was a huge chunk of your own time to reassure him about the plumbing as well as all the other things you checked into for him. You’re the best!

~ Cynthia Sweet

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Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro identifies details of the home’s systems and what areas they serve, including HVAC equipment, water heaters, and electrical systems. It’s not all about finding defects but includes providing you with a version of an “owner’s manual” to your home.


Marty, who I have used before, proceeded with his usual thoroughness and detailed every item on the property in a 94 page report. He sat down with the buyers and carefully went over every item in his “book”. My clients were so impressed that they relaxed knowing they were being well cared for. He then agreed to go back after all repairs had been completed and check every item – which he did. The seller was so impressed that he is now seriously considering using Marty upon the completion of the next home he builds to make sure all his subs get everything completed that they should.

I would, without question, give only Marty’s name to any client that I had or to any agent that asked me for the name of an inspector.

~ Rusty Davis

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