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Luxury Inspections

We don’t do the “bare minimum”. Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro identifies details of the home’s systems and what areas they serve, including HVAC equipment, water heaters, and electrical systems. It’s not all about finding defects but includes providing you with a version of an “owner’s manual” to your home. We once inspected a large luxury home that had 22 AC systems, more than many commercial buildings!

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Luxury Property Inspections

From unique systems, high finish, specialized construction and extensive outdoor spaces, Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro provides comprehensive yet easy to read inspection reports delivered quickly using a multi-inspector approach.


We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful services. You did our inspection on no notice, as well as lined up all or our other inspection professionals. The book you provided was incredibly detailed and has been a wonderful reference tool for our new home. And if that wasn’t enough, you were kind enough to come back after we moved in to answer questions we had about different aspects of our home. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we will certainly be recommending you to our friends in the future.

~ Amanda and Brian Sabean
Former Executive VP and GM for the SF Giants

Luxury Termite Inspections

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro provides termite inspections either using in house capabilities or reliable 3rd party inspectors. WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) are ubiquitous in Arizona and WDO inspections are highly recommended.


Inspect-It 1st performed a pre-purchase home inspection for a property we are looking to buy in Scottsdale on very short notice.

Not only was the inspection performed promptly, they were very thorough in their analysis and in a subsequent telephone “walkthrough” of the inspection, its results and proposed solutions to some of the items found.

We purchased two previous homes, each time with an inspection. The inspection by Inspect-It 1st was far more thorough and user friendly than anything we have seen before.

~ Larry Crain

Luxury Sewer Cam

Since standard home inspections are typically “visual” in nature, concealed components are indirectly inspected. Since it is difficult to effectively comment on concealed items without active inspection techniques, sewer cam services are recommended on many inspections due to property age, usage type, complexity, or inspection findings (i.e., low functional flow).


Marty, Thanks so much… Above and beyond the call of duty. I will not forget!

~ Diane Schneider

Luxury Solar Lease Analysis

With the increase in solar installations in residential properties in recent years, rapid analysis of solar systems and leases are critical to a full understanding of long-term costs (or savings). With limited information, we can provide a ballpark assessment of solar systems within a day or two of a property inspection. And larger luxury homes frequently have large solar installations.


I meet with many home inspectors in my business and your service and quick response time was exceptionally good.

~ Ken Muller

Luxury Radon Testing

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has been testing for radon since 2007. While the EPA recommends radon testing on all homes, we doubly recommend radon testing on all homes with underground (sub slab) ductwork and/or basements. Our data from hundreds of radon tests over the years indicates homes with underground ductwork (common in older luxury homes) are much more likely to have elevated radon levels than slab on grade homes. We utilize Continuous Radon Monitors (annually calibrated) to provide test results on the same day, following completion of the 48-hour test protocol.


Having worked with other property inspection companies, I have come away with a very high level of respect for Marty Lenich. The quality and integrity of his work is well received and I would highly recommend him for any job, any time.

~ Frank Johnson
Former Coach of the Phoenix Suns

Luxury Statement of Probable Cost

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has a long history of providing SOPC’s to its Multifamily and Commercial clients. We have simply extended those systems to our residential / luxury service. Line items are tied directly to our report and summary.


I have been exceptionally pleased with Inspect-It 1st’s thorough and competent property inspections. All tasks were completed in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. Subsequently Marty has been of tremendous help in recommending skilled tradesmen. I have used with total success his referrals for Pool, Air Conditioning, Fireplace, Roofing, Plumbing and Electrical. His AC referral was particularly excellent in my opinion. I had to refrain from asking about restaurants! I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing Inspect-It 1st.

~ John Ellett

Additional Luxury Services Offered

In addition to Property Inspection Services that comply with State of Arizona, Bureau of Technical Registration (AZ BTR) Home Inspection Standards, we also provide services in the following areas: