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Consulting Services

Some of our clients have special “building condition” related requests and we are happy to assist as long as we believe we can add value. If not, we’ll refer you to others we know who could assist.

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Consulting (Technical Support)

Sometimes our clients need services that are related, but a subset of traditional property inspection services. If we have the expertise, we are happy to assist. And if not, we will refer you to others that might be able to help. Typical assignments include assessing feasibility to convert central systems to individual apartment or unit (i.e., main HVAC and water heating plants) or to move laundry facilities from central locations to individual apartments.


My wife and I had the opportunity to use Inspect-It 1st, Greater Phoenix Metro recently and were very satisfied with the service. Marty was able to diagnose a gas line problem in a single visit. Up to that point we had 3 other companies attempt to fix our gas fireplace with no success.

~ Charlie Simpson

Consulting (Expert Witness Support)

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro currently does not provide “in court” expert witness services. However, we do support other expert witnesses with independent 3rd party data gathering and inspection services. Some of our assignments include work for national and in one case, internationally recognized expert witnesses.


I've known Marty for more than 30 years and have always respected his knowledge and integrity. Inspect-It 1st recently did two inspections and wrote reports outlining construction issues related to the building envelope (HVAC and Plumbing systems). Marty is not only a great guy with a can-do attitude, but his work ethic is also backed by decades of experience and training as a Professional Engineer with skills honed in the demanding advanced technology sector of design and construction. I heartily encourage you to retain Marty and his team to inspect and advise you on any real estate purchase or sale – you can be confident that your project is in the best hands (and minds) in the industry.

~ William Acorn
P.E., DFE, FASHRA, CFLC – Principal Acorn Consulting Service

Consulting (Independent 3rd Party)

We have been asked to provide property inspection services to document the condition of a property at a “moment in time” (which is what any property inspection is by definition) for some unique situations. Frequently, these involve disputes between a client and a remodeling contractor or new construction builder. We also help HOA Boards resolve conflicts at the Board or Community level and we have even helped master planned developments turn over common areas to the newly formed owner’s HOA Board by documenting the condition of common areas/buildings/amenities (like pools and spas).


I really appreciate your professionalism - The fact that you constructed a detailed project plan and included your credentials with your bid is very impressive and will have a positive effect on the Board's decision. Your earlier offer of attending our next Board meeting to sell your proposal will probably not be necessary - it ranks highest on my list and I am confident the others will agree with my analysis. I look forward to contacting you after this Wednesday's Board meeting and hope that I will be informing you of our interest in hiring your services.

~ Jeff Tucker

Additional Consulting Services Offered

In addition to the specific services listed above, we can also provide services in the following areas:

Consulting Locations Serviced

We offer consulting services to various locations, depending on the hours of service required: