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Residential Inspections

We don’t do the “bare minimum”. Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro exceeds State Standards in a couple of key areas including Irrigation systems (if any) and fire sprinkler systems (if any). Our service after the inspection is extensive, including making referrals, answering questions, all in a timely manner.

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When you really want to know the condition of the property, Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro. Our team of inspectors utilize proprietary software and work processes that are designed to maximize the time spent actually inspecting. We have eliminated non-inspection tasks, like office stuff and report generation, so our inspector’s field time is focused on the technical inspection and explaining their findings to you, the client (and agent), resulting in higher value inspections.


I worked with other home inspectors previously and was extraordinarily pleased with the work provided by Inspect-It 1st. The experience was a bit humbling and I wish they had inspected all of my other homes! Not only was my new home inspected in a timely and thorough manner, I had a copy of the report e-mailed to me within the day, with photos and explanations of the positives and areas of potential concern with the home.  It gave me great comfort to subsequently negotiate and confidently move forward with the purchase of a home for me and my family.

~ Dr. Christine Edberg

Residential Termite Inspections

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro provides termite inspections either using in house capabilities or reliable 3rd party inspectors. WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) are ubiquitous in Arizona and WDO inspections are highly recommended.


Dear Marty: I hope you will call me Annette. My family has owned several homes both in Arizona and New York. I have never ever met an inspector like you. You and your team are absolutely wonderful. Katherine had recommended you highly and as far as I am concerned you are just awesome.

Thank you and please thank your associates for their kindness to me and for listening to my concerns and for the absolutely wonderful job you all did. I think you are all awesome!

~ Annette Kauderer

Residential Sewer Cam

Since standard home inspections are typically “visual” in nature, concealed components are indirectly inspected. Since it is difficult to effectively comment on concealed items without active inspection techniques, sewer cam services are recommended on many inspections due to property age, usage type, or inspection findings (i.e., low functional flow).


Enjoy the Abundance of Every Moment! Having fun during an inspection of your new home with professional and highly qualified individuals you can call friends. They find the issues and suggest the right people to have the solution.

~ Eva Marie Caraballo

Residential Solar Lease Analysis

With the increase in solar installations in residential properties in recent years, rapid analysis of solar systems and leases are critical to a full understanding of long-term costs (or savings). With limited information, we can provide a ballpark assessment of solar systems within a day or two of a property inspection.


You did a thorough and professional job. Spotting those missing trusses was an extra plus. Clearly, prior inspections for prior owners did not catch that glaring error. Many thanks!

~ Robert G. Armknecht

Residential Radon Testing

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has been testing for radon since 2007. While the EPA recommends radon testing on all homes, we doubly recommend radon testing on all homes with underground (sub slab) ductwork and/or basements. Our data from hundreds of radon tests over the years indicates homes with underground ductwork (or basements) are much more likely to have elevated radon levels than slab on grade homes. We utilize Continuous Radon Monitors (annually calibrated) to provide test results on the same day, following completion of the 48-hour test protocol.


Marty, you were timely, thorough, accurate and detailed. I particularly appreciated the added time you spent with me related to the radon findings. Excellent and painfree experience for me.

~ Holly Lorenz

Residential Statement of Probable Cost

Inspect-It 1st Greater Phoenix Metro has a long history of providing SOPC’s to its Multifamily and Commercial clients. We have simply extended those systems to our residential service. Line items are tied directly to our report and summary.


We have worked with Marty from Inspect 1st since 2020 for all of our investment properties. Marty provides exceptional services, from speedy inspections to detailed reports. These reports are always so helpful, particularly the statements of probable costs so we can make an educated decision on our investment properties based on expected short and long-term costs. We have not received this level of detail from prior inspectors - we couldn't recommend Marty and his team more highly!

~ Joy Pollard

Additional Residential Services Offered

In addition to Property Inspection Services that comply with State of Arizona, Bureau of Technical Registration (AZ BTR) Home Inspection Standards, we also provide services in the following areas: