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New Hires Announcement

Inspect-It 1st, Greater Phoenix Metro is pleased to announce the addition of two experienced inspectors:  Todd Fairchild and Rick Dyer.   Todd has inspected many commercial properties over the years and owns or has owned commercial properties in multiple states.  Rick has inspected residential and multifamily properties and also holds a QP (Qualifying Party) license with the State (Termites).

In addition, internal staff was cross trained on report writing, effectively tripling our capacity in that area.

The market downturn was a good time to add staff and train them on our proprietary software and work processes, so that as the market picks up again, we’ll be ready to deliver what our clients and agents have grown accustomed to:  very rapid turnaround of quality inspections, reports, and statements of probable cost.

We also added another Prius (tan color, of course) to our fleet.  So, if you see a bunch of tan Priuses, we are probably inspecting something nearby!

Before you Buy, Before you Sell…Inspect-It 1st!

Thanks, Marty (480-471-6781)