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Residential Statement of Probable Cost (RES SOPC) Announcement

Inspect-It 1st, Greater Phoenix Metro has been providing Statements of Probable Cost (SOPC) to clients in our Multifamily and Commercial segments since 2016.  We recently decided to offer this service to residential clients (and their agents).  As the housing market becomes more balanced between buyers and sellers, ballpark cost data may be increasingly useful.

The cost is $150 for the first 2000sf and $50 extra for each additional 2000sf (i.e. a 3500sf home RES SOPC would be $200).  As an introductory offer, we are providing a $50 off coupon on this service on Residential SOPC’s until 12/31/2022.

Please keep in mind that these are not contractor quotes, but ballpark estimates, order of magnitude level.

If you have any questions, email Marty at [email protected]

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Thanks, Marty (480-471-6781)