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Inspect-It 1st, Greater Phoenix Metro has embraced sustainability measures in its operations for many years.  This was done for two reasons:  1)  Lower business expenses, and 2)  Lower CO2 output.

If you work with us, you know our employee inspectors drive Priuses (Tan colored).  If the property is larger and multiple inspectors are assigned, there could be as many as 5 Tan Priuses at the property!

We have racked up well over a million miles on these vehicles and they average 42mpg.  At 1.2M total miles (as of 6/31/2022), we have saved nearly 20,000 gallons of gas over competitor’s trucks that average 25 mpg (and most don’t get that kind of mileage!)

And our office is “net zero” (electrical load:  heating/cooling, lighting, computers/server), thanks to a solar system installed in 2018.  This has a theoretical savings of about 3,000 lbs of CO2/month (according to Solar Edge Inverter Monitoring Software).

One of our inspectors has asked me when we will go “all electric” on vehicles…in particular, he had a Model Y Tesla in mind…I think we’ll stick with Priuses for now!!

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