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New Builds and Warranty Expiration Property Inspections

Inspect-It 1st, Greater Phoenix Metro has been providing New Build (Pre-Drywall and Final Walkthough) and Warranty Expiration property inspections since 2004.  Recently, we have noticed a significant increase in defects while providing these inspections.   These problems occurred previously at the height of new construction activity before the “Great Recession”, and while the reasons are different this cycle, the results are similar.

While the causes for these more serious and greater numbers of defects varies, they are likely the result of a combination of inexperienced subcontractor staff, stretched builder supervision, and supply chain issues.  And the problems occur in all footprint sizes.  Some examples:

  • Warranty Inspection where a multizone/multi-unit AC system had some condensing units switched (5 vs. 2.5 ton zones were reversed)
  • Warranty Inspection where a section of roof was not insulated. (Seller had a new build inspection by another company that reported one attic section of insulation missing, which was remedied by the builder, but both had missed another section of uninsulated attic!)
  • New Build Inspection where conventional combustion furnaces were installed in a sealed attic (no combustion air provided once spray foam insulation applied to the roof deck…that was an expensive one…).
  • An incorrect main breaker was installed at the incoming service at a New Build. This was an interesting one because the City Building Inspector and Power Company Inspectors even missed that one.

Even the best builders are experiencing problems and many of them welcome the “2nd set of eyes” we provide, as we deliver reports quickly, present defects in a professional manner, and are available for discussion as needed.

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